Putting the pieces together

Starting a law practice is in many ways just like starting any other business. There’s the core business activity: your business plan, your reason for starting up. And then there’s all of the other stuff that must happen for the business to be successful: company name, website design, customer lists, invoicing, getting licensed, phone line, office space, and on and on and on.

As a friend told me today, with enough time in the day, you CAN do all of it yourself. But of course every minute spent working on the other stuff means time that you’re not spending on your core business. You have to find some sort of happy medium of doing some things yourself and hiring help where sensible. Fortunately, these days there are some amazing options to get help with every element of a business. I hired someone to design me a logo, and after a few iterations, I was incredibly happy with the result. (I hope you like it too.) Another easy thing to outsource are business cards, and lucky for me, mine arrived today. Too late for a great networking event I attended in Charlottesville yesterday, but well in time for the rest of my start-up’s needs.

As an entrepreneur, how do you make the call on what to do yourself and what to outsource? What networks, apps, and websites do you love to make your life easier? I’ll post a few of my favorite resources in the comments below, but I’d love to learn from others too!