Rahul Keshap founded Shuru Law with a simple goal of helping people.

Providing legal services for start-ups and non-profits to succeed.

About Rahul Keshap

After living internationally for several years, Rahul moved to Charlottesville, Virginia and has lived there (with a couple of short breaks) ever since. He attended the University of Virginia for college and law school (where he now serves as an adjunct faculty lecturer), and he has spent his career working with people from across the world, helping them solve problems and achieve goals.

As an attorney and a senior leader at a global non-profit organization, Rahul has found success in listening carefully to people, helping them articulate their strategy and objectives, and working with them to make it all happen as simply and effectively as possible. Rahul is licensed to practice law in Virginia and Washington, DC.

In his free time, Rahul is a casual runner who has completed two half marathons (slowly) and is currently training for a third. He and Rochelle have been married for almost twenty years and have three children.