Helping Start-Ups

You’ve got a big idea, and you’re the right person to make it happen. Your audience might be people in your neighborhood, or people who share your specific interest/need/problem. Or maybe it’s the whole world. Starting a new business is incredibly exciting — and it can also be incredibly intimidating.

What must you do before you can start business? How does this stuff work? What’s smart to do now versus later? Dotting all of the Is and crossing all of the Ts can kill your enthusiasm and cost you valuable time. We’re here to listen and learn about your idea. Here’s how we can help.

Get Ready…

  • Selecting a business entity

  • Defining leadership roles and ownership

  • Protecting your intellectual property


…Get SET…

  • Structuring sources of capital

  • Crafting angel investments

  • Negotiating vendor agreements



  • Creating employee compensation and policies

  • Drafting customer agreements

  • Planning for venture capital investments

These are just ideas of how we can help you move from concept to company. Most importantly, we will spend some time with you, help you craft a plan, and work with you to make it all happen. Contact us to get started.