Starting up a law practice...

Happy New Year! January begins with great optimism, and it seems fitting to begin a new law practice that serves start-ups and non-profits in the glow of a new year’s promise. There will of course be ups and downs (the stock market already proof), but here in Virginia, the first day of 2019 brought warm weather (65°F/18°C) (and a family hike), hinting that the warmth of Spring will be here before too long.

When I recently left my role as a senior leader at a global non-profit organization, I had a rare opportunity to step back and ponder how I wanted to spend the second half of my career. As I talked to many friends and family, I kept returning to the same idea that I never made happen as a new lawyer. I could create my own law practice.

It’s my great pleasure to announce the launch of Shuru Law LLC. The law practice will focus on:

Aside from legal mindset and expertise, I hope to contribute my international experience from the last twenty years spent working with clients, volunteers, colleagues, and friends. From ideation to business planning to incorporation to raising capital and beyond, I want to be a strategic partner for people as they build and execute on their dreams.

Thanks to the family and friends who have supported me to this point. No start up succeeds from one person’s efforts alone, and if this law practice thrives, it will certainly be due to the support of many many people. Stay tuned for more updates.